Kid’s school


Sailing is a great water sport that not only promotes good health, but also improves motor skills, coordination, agility and responsiveness. We invite all young yachts- boys and girls for classes on the water and in the fresh air, and we guarantee a safe and unique experience.

How to start?

We understand that it is difficult to establish immediately whether or not your child will be interested in sailing. Therefore, we suggest starting with two trial sessions (lasting 1.5-2 hours each). Trial classes are close to real learning and take place in a small groups. Please submit an application and, once we have sufficient numbers to form a group, we will contact you.

The cost of a trial course is UAH 1,200.

How does further training take place?

If your child takes to sailing, we offer regular training. During the 2021 sailing season, this will take place twice a week (some theoretical lessons in Lviv, some practical lessons on Lake Yavorivske near the village of Shklo).

The cost of regular training is UAH 3,999 per month.

What will be covered in the the program for the 2021 sailing season kid’s school?

  • Start of group training
    • Basic theory
    • 2 lessons on our Omega or Micro yachts to get acquainted with the basic principles of sailing under the guidance of an instructor
    • Lessons on Optimist class yachts
  • Summer sailing camp in the Odessa region
  • Regular sailing competitions between children

In what format will the classes be held?

  • The duration of each lesson is 1.5-2 hours on the relevant days for the group
  • Classes on the Omega / Micro boats will take place with two instructors on the yacht
  • Classes on Optimist class yachts will take place in groups of up to six craft, accompanied by a speedboat and two instructors to provide for maximum safety on the water.

What do we provide?

We provide all the material, equipment and technical requirements for sailing training (e.g. watercraft, life jackets).

Who is suitable for the kid’s yachting school?

Діти Children over the age of 10 who can swim will practice in groups of up to 6 on a weekly basis. A medical certificate of your child’s health is required for admission.

The initial training of yachts- boys and girls in 2021 involves the following elements:

  • Structure of a dinghy
  • Principles of operating a rudder
  • Principles of operating a sail
  • Water/boat safety
  • The main manoeuvres of a sailboat